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How will you be traveling to the Weidner Center? (Please indicate number of vehicles):
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Performance Date Time
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# Paid
# Paid
# Comp*
EXAMPLEF 09/01/18 10am   12:30pm 50$71$7308/04/18$357
Cirque Mechanics 42 ft - Show OnlyTh 02/07/19 10am   $7$701/10/19$
Cirque Mechanics 42 ft - Show & UWGB DayTh 02/07/19 10am   $10$1001/10/19$
Freedom Bound - Show OnlyM 02/11/19 10am   12:30pm$7$701/14/19$
Freedom Bound - Show & Neville MuseumM 02/11/19 Opt. 1   Opt. 2$10$1001/14/19$
Freedom Bound - Show & Railroad MuseumM 02/11/19 Opt. 1   Opt. 2$10$1001/14/19$
Rainbow Fish - Show OnlyM 02/18/19 10am   12:30pm$7$701/21/19$
Laura Ingalls Wilder - Show OnlyM 03/04/19 10am   12:30pm$7$702/04/19$
Laura Ingalls Wilder - Show & Heritage Hill M 03/04/19 Opt. 1   Opt. 2$10$1002/04/19$
Laura Ingalls Wilder - Show & Neville Museum M 03/04/19 Opt. 1   Opt. 2$10$1002/04/19$
Laura Ingalls Wilder - Show & Railroad Museum M 03/04/19 Opt. 1   Opt. 2$10$1002/04/19$
Diary of a WormT 03/12/19 10am   12:30pm$7$702/12/19$
National Geographic - Exploring Mars - Show OnlyF 04/12/19 10am   $7$703/15/19$
National Geographic - Exploring Mars - Show & UWGB DayF 04/12/19 10am   $10$1003/15/19$
Magic School Bus - Show OnlyT 04/16/19 10am   12:30pm$7$703/19/19$
Magic School Bus - Show & Children's MuseumT 04/16/19 Opt. 2   $10$1003/19/19$
TOTAL AMOUNT DUE (Four weeks prior):$

Opt. 1 - 10am show followed by Museum, Opt. 2 - Museum followed by 12:30pm show. Full schedule online.

Scholarships cannot be applied to the Museum programs since they are already deeply subsidized.
A 25% deposit is required for Museum reservations upon receipt of the Purchase Agreement.

* One complimentary chaperone allowed for every 15 paid students.
** Payment due four weeks prior unless otherwise noted.

A scholarship application will be submitted for this registration. Application can be found here.

I understand that scholarship applications must be mailed or faxed within 48 hours of submitting this registration. Final pricing will be determined upon scholarship application review. You will be informed of your scholarship status by email or letter.


If you or your students require any accessibility accommodations, please indicate below. We require at least three weeks advance notice to provide these services. Please enter the number of students/adults requiring:

All reservations must be made in writing (web registration, fax or mail). No payment required to register.

1. Incomplete forms will be returned. Retain a copy for your records. Estimate the number of seats required as closely as possible, allowing for possible additional seats (it is easier to release unneeded seats than to add seats). Adjustments of up to 15% in either direction will be allowed prior to our receiving final payment. No additions less than one week before the performance date.
2. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A PURCHASE AGREEMENT WITHIN TWO WEEKS, PLEASE CONTACT US. Your registration form may not have been received! The purchase agreement must be signed and returned within two weeks to hold your reservation. Full payment must be received a minimum of FOUR WEEKS prior to the performance date or your seats WILL BE RELEASED. After final payment is received, no reductions will be allowed in the number of seats reserved.

QUESTIONS? Call (920) 465-5100 or e-mail
Show descriptions, policies, and procedures available at

Please review your order carefully before submitting the registration. The next screen will provide a confirmation that you can print for your records.
A copy will also be sent to the email address you provided.